Whip It Back

Hey there, thanx for clicking our link to learn more!!

Growing up in Los Angeles, recycling was a big priority in our family. Having the motto "recycle, reuse, reduce" emblazed into my lifestyle as a child naturally became second nature in my life. As a company that promotes environmental preservation, sourcing sustainable natural and organic ingredients, we pride ourselves on minimizing our carbon footprint.

It is with great pleasure that we extend the same opportunity to our Whipt Babes! We’d like to introduce you with our "Whip it Back" campaign!

The "Whip it Back" campaign is our recycling program created to reward our Whipt Babes with a FREE 8 oz Tiffany-Joi Body Whipt for every 6 (six) empty Tiffany-Joi Whipt containers received/returned to us!

How do you get your FREE Whipt?! All you have to do is send us 6 of your empty containers (may be a combination of any size) and we will send you a full 8oz Whipt in the scent of your choice (with free shipping!)
*All returned containers must include the lid and be apart of the Amber/Brown collection.

*Be sure to include your scent selection and return/mailing address with your empties.

This is just a small contribution to minimizing our footprint on the earth, but every effort is a stride in protecting our world for our future generations.

Help us in our mission and "Whip it Back."